Mobility scooters can vary in comfort depending on the seat and whether it not it has suspension. Sometimes you find the perfect scooter but you just can’t seem to get comfy. Fortunately, there are accessories that can enhance the comfort of a scooter if needed. Here are just a few.

Cushions for Enhanced Comfort

Memory Foam Scooter Support Cushion comfortMemory Foam Scooter Support Cushion

The Memory Foam Support Cushion is a simple and affordable way to add a little extra comfort to your mobility scooter. The cushion is the full length of the chair and can be attached using the straps, so you’ll have the extra support along your whole body. The memory foam stuffing and textured surface helps relieve pressure at crucial areas of the back and thighs, reducing the amount of soreness and achiness that can occur when seated for extended periods. Finally, the surface material is breathable, reducing the amount of sweat on your back that can cause discomfort.

Harley 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion comfortHarley 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion

The Harley 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion is two products in one. On one side is traditional cushion for adding comfort and on the other is a nodular foam cushion to help relieve pressure. This makes it ideal for journeys both long and short, as you can be sure you’ll be able to avoid severe aches and pains. There is also a gap below the coccyx to reduce the pressure at an area that can often cause lumbar pain when seated. Additionally, the whole cushion has been upholstered in a stylish and soft tartan fabric, further adding to the comfort.

An Accessory for Stability and Comfort

Universal Seat Belt comfortUniversal Seat Belt

A seatbelt might not sound like the most comfortable addition to a mobility scooter but the Universal Seatbelt may just surprise you. If you have low core strength turning a corner can mean being thrown about in the scooter’s chair or straining to stay upright. By attaching the Universal Seatbelt to you scooter it can hold you in place and take the strain off your core muscles. This means less aches at the end of your journey and a greater level of comfort and stability during it. It’s also easy to fasten thanks to the large buttoned clip in the centre.

A Multipurpose Accessory

Deluxe Mobility Scooter Accessory Pack

Deluxe Scooter Accessory Pack comfortIf you’re looking for an all around product that provides comfort and much more than the Deluxe Scooter Accessory Pack is ideal. Not only does the set include the already mentioned Memory Foam Scooter Support Cushion, but a whole host of other peripherals are included to add to a comfortable mobility scooter experience. To give you space and storage there is a tiller bag for small valuables you want at hand, as well as a seat mounted walking stick bag for larger objects and – unsurprisingly – a walking stick or crutches. This means you won’t be cramped with a bag on your lap or by your feet and still have plenty of secure storage available. There is also a waterproof storage canopy and transparent tiller cover to protect the scooter in the rain, both when you’re moving and when it’s unattended. Although not designed to add comfort it’s a great bonus to have available. So, if you find yourself fidgeting in your mobility scooter seat you can give one of these products a try, it may just transform your experience.