Over time, your mobility scooter battery will reduce in effectiveness. Like any rechargeable battery, it will need replacing. Modern rechargeable units do have a much longer life than they used to have, thanks to advances in technology and commitments to reducing energy consumption, but one day the inevitable will happen. Here are some signs that your mobility scooter battery is on its way out.

mobility scooter BatteryYour Mobility Scooter Experiences Reduced Distance

Over time, you will begin to work out the average distance that your mobility scooter can travel between charges. Perhaps it once got you to the supermarket, around it and back home three times between charges (to use a ballpark figure) but now it’s only twice. This is the first sign that your mobility scooter’s battery is on its way out. It may not need replacing just yet though, but please be mindful that it’s never going to be what it was and it could take some time before it’s depleted to the point of being ineffective.

Your Mobility Scooter is Slow and Sluggish

This could be a sign that your mobility scooter battery isn’t producing as much power as it once was. Obviously, there are speed limits to using these devices – 4mph on pavements and 6mph for those able to travel on the roads. But when it handles poorly, travels slower than it feels it usually does and generally feels sluggish, it’s a sign that the battery is on the way out. For productivity and convenience, it may be worth getting the battery replaced now. Although if the vehicle is due for maintenance or service is may be worth doing this first just in case there is a fault with the scooter.

The Mobility Scooter Keeps Cutting Out for No Reason

Another sign of a dying battery in your mobility scooter (but could also have electronic implications for the scooter – get that checked out first) is that the power to the motor keeps cutting out with no clear reason for why. If it is obviously not a loose connection, an incorrectly fitted battery, or any other intermittent and erratic power failures, it’s a sign that the battery is not working in the way that it used to work. Perhaps it cannot cope with the power burden or maybe some of the cells simply no longer work.

mobility scooter batteryYou Experience Connection Problems When Charging

Does the battery keep cutting out when charging? Is there no explanation, no power loss, stopping for no reason when it has been left alone? This could be a sign of internal problems with the battery, something to suggest that the power cells simply don’t function as well or that some of them are actively failing – making the device less efficient, harder to charge, more erratic and so on. You will often find the lighting system will not advance while charging, will get stuck or reset to a lower setting quickly after disconnection. The battery life is likely to be short by this point. Your mobility scooter should have a new battery sooner rather than later.

The Mobility Scooter Battery Simply Will Not Charge

This is a sign that (assuming there is not a fault with the charger) the battery is completely dead. It will not accumulate a charge or will not hold it and no matter how long you plug the battery into the charger, either the mobility scooter will only travel a very short distance or it will not move at all. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do unless you have a spare. For this purpose, we strongly recommend everybody buys a spare battery so as not to be caught short.